Red wing shoes: reboot campaign

red wing boots are made to last. really last. They protect you from construction accidents, welding sparks, water,  cold, and basically anything else you could imagine happening to your feet. they last so long red wing has a repair program to fix any problems and get them back on your feet. They are the perfect boot for someone outside day and night, weathering the elements. they would be perfect for the homeless. one problem though, they're expensive. to get your boots repaired it costs $125, so what the reboot program offers is an exchange. when you donate your boots, red wings gives you $125, the cost of the repair,off a brand new pair of boots. 

outdoor/indoor ads:

for the ads i wanted to show the complexity and strength of these boots by making them towering structures of protection that aren't fazed by the weather. 


sadly, the homeless are often times ignored, passed by, and treated as if they were invisible, so to counteract this, I wanted the giant red wing boot, which holds   the world record for the world's biggest boot, to be driven around to raise awareness.  It would be dirtied up, and showcased in select cities as the reboot drive is happening.  


since the boots will be delivered scuffed, dirty, and everything else, I wanted the box to be shiny, clean, and useful. each box depicts the city streets in which the boots are donated. markers on the box indicate where near by shelters, medical facilities, and places of refuge can be found. 


Gotham- the gotham typeface was influenced greatly by the strength of New york city's architecture. it showcases strong letter forms with many varying weights. I thought this would be a perfect fit for an urban campaign such as this. 


photographer: chandler bondurant

copywriter: patrick bone